About  Instincts:

Michelle is a friendly, outgoing Christian with a soft heart. She tends to gravitate toward animals and people in need. When she was younger she made friends with a shy boy named Eddie. They formed a deep friendship until Eddie went away to college and they lost touch.

Eddie, now an engineer, has never forgotten Michelle. In fact, he's been in love with her for years but, paralyzed by fear of rejection due to a troubled past, is unable to get up the courage to call her, so he has resorted to stalking from a distance.

What lengths will Eddie resort to when it looks like Michelle may be lost to him forever? How will Michelle respond? Will she listen to instincts ?

Meet Author Dianne Spencer

Dianne Spencer was a factory electrician, then a school teacher. Now she is an author. Her second book, Something Missing, will be available beginning January 16, 2015

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About Something Missing:

Not everyone wants to be a cougar-a woman who dates a much younger man. When Preston starts to flirt with her, Lisa's torn between how she feels about him and how she feels about the age gap. She needs to get away to think and sort out her feelings. Usually, a trip to visit her best friend works wonders. But this time things don't go as planned.